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Bar stories: Salt and Caramel

Released: August 2018

When we first started making chocolate for ourselves we were playing with rosemary and chillies because this combination of savoury spices with chocolate fascinated us, but when it came to selling our first bars, we decided our first flavour for the public would be a crowd pleaser.

Our first flavour and the most common flavour combination in the chocolate world but what is there not to like? The dark smooth chocolate contrasts with the crunchy sweet caramel and a pinch of salt makes it forever satisfying.. the craving for umami, sweet and salty are all met in one bite.

With time, we have learned to refine our caramel making skills and making it slowly on low heat to develop layers of flavours and that addictive umami goodness.

This bar is still our best seller since day one and always a safe bet.

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