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Bar Stories: Vegan Milk Chocolate

The Conspiracy Dark Milk Chocolate bar was created after 8 months of research and development, as a rigorous culinary exercise aimed at raising the bar for vegan takes on milk chocolate.

Milk chocolate is a category of chocolate bars. This category is identified by a certain experience. We successfully created this experience without using milk as an ingredient.

In developing this, we conducted dozens of experiments on hundreds of ingredients, conducted tastings and learned so much about chocolate and different ways to create and refashion flavours in natural ways, always using temperature and time and never giving out to the industry standard of adding unnecessary ingredients.

After every iteration of this bar, we compared the chocolate side-by-side with the best milk chocolates on the market until beating them in flavour, texture, and highlighting the beauty in Dak Lak’s natural terroir.

Between the 8th and 9th iteration of the chocolate, a legendary meeting took place in our chocolate lab, counting the most creative and passionate chef, mixologist-sommelier, food scientist, and bean-to-bar nerd. This group of people have created some of the most exciting flavours in Hong Kong and besides working in Michelin Star restaurants, also each carry a range of ambitious personal projects all surrounding food and flavour. Prior to this meeting we were exploring a range of directions, and afterwards a single direction was taken.

The final creation is not only delicious but complex and healthy. The vegan Dark Milk Chocolate does not compromise and celebrates the smokey and intensely fruity terroir of Dak Lak, Vietnam, at 52% hence Dark Milk chocolate, almost double the cacao content of a traditional/common milk chocolate bar, usually 26-35%. Cacao is densely packed with micro nutrients and is made up of 20% protein, essentially a superfood. Beside cacao, the bar is made up of cashews which we roast ourselves and coconut, two other top-shelf health foods.

The resulting experience is a creamy chocolate flavour, bright and sweet just like a high quality milk chocolate, with a decadent texture which coats your mouth, creating the unmistakable experience of milk chocolate. A tiny pinch of salt resets your palate and makes you crave another bite, and another, infinitely.

Where to find it?

  • Online here

  • In Green Common

  • Sweetworld (Pacific Place)

  • Bookazine (Central)

More shops to be announced soon

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