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The Conspiracy Mooncake

Conspiracy Chocolate Limited

Amit Oz 66240793

This year, for the second time, Conspiracy Chocolate is bringing out our chocolate mooncakes - and again, they are accidentally vegan.

These mooncakes are innovative yet traditional, enjoyable for both those looking for familiar Hong Kong flavours as well as those looking for a culinary innovation on the classic. The textures are maintained and the flavours dance on the fine line where Chinese culinary tradition meets that of the Medeterrenean. They are also large and shareable.

The Conspiracy Mooncake surprises you with every bite of goodness, with a complex layering of flavours from the luxurious ganache to the rich and decadent core, encapsulated by conspiracy's own favourite, Dak Lak 75 single origin chocolate.

They are a bouchée of 75% handcrafted dark chocolate with a sesame-based (vegan) ganache filled with an intense raspberry centre elevated with a touch of fine red wine, safflower petals and Sichuan pepper.

The mooncakes come with four in each box.

Pre-orders are available now until 3rd September!

Delivery between 16th and 20th September.

Retail price 488 HKD

Learn more here

Conspiracy Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate company in Hong Kong. The chocolate is made using cacao from a single farm in the Dak Lak region, Vietnam. The chocolate is handcrafted from the bean to the bar using slow and mindful processes to retain the natural taste and health benefits of the cacao.

Conspiracy Chocolate bars are made with only two ingredients; cacao beans and raw organic cane sugar. The company focuses on crafting fun combinations of flavours by adding spices, nuts and herbs to showcase the versatility of chocolate as a culinary canvas and to bring awareness to craft chocolate in Hong Kong.


For more information, contact Amit at or +852 6624 0793

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