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Acan Chocolate Liqueur

The smooth, fruity chocolate notes with a smokey-honey finish of Acan are the result of a rigorous creative culinary exercise, combining the terroir of Dak Lak, Vietnam with craftsmanship of an expert farmer-fermentor, roaster and chocolate maker.


The fruit of Theobroma, or Food of the Gods, known to the Maya as KaKaWa was a divine gift. It has since been worshipped, used as currency, sipped, and eaten; first by Mayan then European royalty, and then the rest of us humans in all its forms for over 5,000 years.


Acan begins its life on the cacao tree, then fermented on banana leaves in the same tree’s shade before any new aroma is introduced, amplifying it’s complexity. In a humble homage to the Maya and Aztec who taught us of its wonders, Acan is the world’s first single origin chocolate liqueur.


Amount = 375 ml

ABV = 20%

Acan Chocolate Liqueur

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