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Two ways


  • Your favourite crumbly/textured biscuit/cracker/cookie, something like a Digestive.

  • The same amount in marshmallows (half will get eaten raw by your friends, sorry) either standard size or giant

  • Conspiracy chocolate 75%/85% optional: flavoured

  • Wooden skewers, if grilled then soaked in water so they don't burn



  • Skewer your marshmallows at least an inch apart

  • Set grill to low heat if gas, if charcoal typically you’d do this after eating dinner so the leftover embers and hot grills should be enough

  • Lay out biscuits with piece of chocolate on top, 2 per marshmallow, until melted

  • If using giant marshmallows, give them a cooking on colder side of grill until seared, if smaller hover over hotter part until cooked to desirable level

  • Sandwich between 2 melted chocolate biscuits or only one for open face s’more


  • Hand your friends decoy marshmallow bag so you have some left to work with

  • Small fire or ideally slow old bonfire that’s peaked an hour or two ago

  • Skewer your marshmallows an inch apart

  • Lay biscuits with chocolate on top, on a hot rock that’s very near the fire. You’re looking to melt the chocolate but not burn the cracker.

  • Hover marshmallows over fire until cooked and seared thoroughly

  • Attach melted chocolate biscuit sandwiching around marshmallow(s)

Give me smoooore

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