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Bar Stories: Strawberry Chilli

One day, we got a message from a friendly lady offering us some of her homegrown chillies.

Her very spicy chillies grew so prolifically that she did not know what to make of them and so she reached out to us, only asking for a spicy chocolate bar made with her peppers in exchange.

Amit who is a real chilli nerd was so excited to receive some new chillies, especially after our ghost pepper plant failed to give us a harvest this year! Amit did his research and gathered that they were Scotch Bonnet peppers, renowned for their fire!

We tried the chocolate with the pepper but it was so spicy that we thought about a fruit to balanced it out and deliciously plumped freeze-dried strawberries became an obvious choice.

These sweet crunchy strawberries are perfect to add both texture to the bar and tone down the spice level from the chilli. This chilli is special in that the kick really comes at then end and the spice level increased with every bite.

We have received so much peppers that we still have some today and keep the flavour until it runs out! A fiery bar that has both sweetness and a spicy punch that builds up with every bite.

For the darings only.

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